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Highlights from our London 2012 workshop.

I was one of 25 young members with an interest in development in the Arab world…

“Last weekend saw the hosting of the second Jussoor workshop in London on Arab development; I was one of 25 young members with an interest in development in the Arab world who would be taking part in a 2 day workshop where we would discuss our impressions of the Arab region, and explore opportunities to get engaged in development efforts there. What struck me first was the diversity and enthusiasm of the participants; before the workshop had even began, I had talked to people hailing from all corners of the Arab world, as well as others who had a deep interest or connection to it; people from as young as 16 and in school to those in their mid-twenties with professional careers. It was clear from the excited atmosphere and level of conversation that Jussoor had brought together a lot of bright and interesting individuals before the program had even begun.

This energy never seemed to dip; even by the end of the day at 6.30 the discussion remained just as fresh and interesting as it had done when we began the program at 9.30. We began the workshop by discussing our impressions and hopes for the Arab region, and at the end of the weekend, most of these impressions had been changed or tested, with a renewed optimism formed amongst the members in the knowledge that there were other young people with the same interests, and plenty of speakers who had real examples of making a positive change…
















… Before we left, the participants discussed what we would like to see from Jussoor in the future. With the renewed optimism and fresh inspiration that we had been given by the workshop, there were some great ideas about how the network could be developed. Our first meeting is already being scheduled, and in the coming meetings, we will be setting the agenda for the Jussoor London chapter in 2012 and finding concrete ways for Jussoor participants to get involved with Alfanar’s work, and with wider Arab development efforts. As Alfanar prepares to open chapters the Arab world, and with a motivated and enthusiastic membership in London, the future looks promising for Jussoor.”

– William Key, Jussoor 2012 graduate

2012 workshop underway

The second Jussoor workshop is taking place in London this weekend, on the 11th and 12th of February. Last year saw Jussoor successfully pilot its first workshop, building the foundation for a network of dedicated young leaders interested in supporting the development of the Arab region. This year, we are continuing in the same vein, bringing together a wide range
of motivated and passionate university students, young professionals and field experts.

 The first day will focus on the broad theme of Arab development, asking where change will come from post Arab spring, as well as exploring different challenges and solutions faced by development organisations. The second day seeks to build up the necessary vision, skills and confidence needed by young people to get more deeply involved in Arab development efforts. Participants will get the chance to hear from and interact with a number of inspiring leaders from different fields, including civil society, human rights, the private sector, government and media.

Through this thought-provoking weekend, we hope that participants will come away with renewed optimism and the skills and connections required to start making a difference in the Arab world.

Jussoor Feb 2012 workshop

Applications are now open for the next Jussoor workshop, scheduled for 11 – 12 February 2012 in London.

Download the application form or contact the Jussoor Co-ordinator for more information.

Alfanar: The Arab Venture Philanthropy Organisation

Produced and Directed by Tamara BenHalim – Thank you Tamara!

Jussoor Football Tournament

A video of the first football tournament in support of Alfanar, organised by Jussoor members in London and hosted by the LSE Arab Society.

Jussoor Workshop

Thank You!

We would like to thank all the keen footballers and supporters who attended the first Jussoor five-a-side tournament. Through their participation we raised £200 for our projects in Egypt.

Also a special thanks goes out to:

  • LSE Arab Society for covering costs
  • Mohammed Alradi and Nadim Lahoud for organization and logistics
  • Marie-Liane De Beauregard for Bandanas
  • And Beesan Alajaji (Alfanar’s summer intern) for certificates and filming

The success of our first tournament has provided us with the momentum and encouragement to host many more events in the near future.

Watch this space!

Tournament Pics!

Warming Up

Warming Up

Jussoor Kids

Jussoor Kids



finishing touches

finishing touches

Alfanar Football Fundraiser!

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